You’ve taken the case all the way through trial. You’ve won, but the other side doesn’t like the result. What might they do? Appeal. If they appeal, you have to be prepared to respond. We can help.

You’ve lost the trial, or don’t like the court’s decision. What can you do? Appeal. We can help.

We can handle all aspects of the appeal, from the initial papers to oral argument. Or we can handle whatever part you want. For example, you might handle everything, but we write the brief for you.

Fees largely depend on the size of the record (that is, the length of the trial and the number of exhibits). Fees can be hourly or a flat fee. We would be able to handle certain cases on a contingent basis. Filing fees and the costs of reproducing the record and brief are extra, and can be significant in some cases..

Personal Injury, Employment, Special Education and Litigation