Personal Injury

The term personal injury is the general term covering a family of claims addressing situations where you have been injured by another person.  Another term meaning the same as personal injury is the word tort, which is derived from an old French word meaning twisted.  The area of personal injury law covers many types of situations, including automobile accidents, falls in public or private places, and fights and other physical confrontations, and many different types of claims, including negligence, assault and even defamation.

So, if you’ve been injured in an automobile or other type of accident, we can help get you compensation for your injuries. We generally take these cases on a contingent basis, and there is no charge for a consultation. We’ll come out to see you. Our acceptance of your case depends on the results of our preliminary review.

PERSONAL INJURY DEFENSE: If you have been sued because of an automobile or other type of accident, but your insurance company has refused to provide you with an attorney or you don’t have insurance applicable to the accident, we can help you. Representation is based on an hourly rate or a flat fee for each item of work performed. A flat fee for the overall case can be negotiated. Call for a free initial consultation. We might be able to get your insurance company to provide you with both representation and indemnification..

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