What We Do


PERSONAL INJURY:  I will represent you if you’ve been injured in an accident, or if you’re being sued because of an accident and you don’t have insurance or your insurance company refuses to cover you.

EMPLOYMENT:  Including non-compete agreements, discrimination, harassment and retaliation, minimum wage and overtime issues, benefits issues including health, pensions, COBRA and family leave, federal, state and local civil service including discipline and benefits, your union’s duty to you of fair representation

Education:  I have represented students from pre-school to post-graduate, mostly with disciplinary issues

SPECIAL EDUCATION:  Assisting you to get educational services for your special needs child, including federal court litigation

GENERAL AND COMMERCIAL LITIGATION:  When you need someone who knows the courts, and has spent time in courtrooms

PRO SE CONSULTING SERVICES:  Assistance when you’ve decided to represent yourself in court, including help with your debt

DISPUTE RESOLUTION:  Help to settle disputes when you want to avoid litigation or when litigation just won’t help

 APPEALS:  When you’re dissatisfied with the results of a trial or hearing, or when the other side has decided to attempt overturning the results of a trial or hearing


Personal Injury, Employment, Special Education and Litigation