Civil Service

If you work for the federal government, including the Post Office, the State of New York, the City of New York, or a local government within the State of New York, including a school district, you have rights that private sector employees do not. In addition, the process of enforcing or protecting certain employment rights might be different if you are a civil servant. In other words, if you are a civil servant, and have an employment issue, you may need an attorney who knows the difference between the public and private sectors. We know the difference.

Discipline: Your union will usually provide you with representation in disciplinary proceedings, and often they do a good job representing you. However, sometimes, you don’t trust your union, or you have an unusual case that requires more time and attention than an union attorney can give. In cases like this, we can help. We also provide representation to non-union employees.

Benefits: Civil servants get benefits, such as pension and health benefits, under a different set of rules than private sector employees. If you as a public sector employee or as the spouse, child or other beneficiary of a public sector employee run into a problem with getting benefits, we might be able to help. We are even familiar with FEGLI issues.


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